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3 Tips to Having a Beautiful Smile

There are many things we must do to keep our smile looking healthy and beautiful. I will focus on three specific tips to keeping your smile – your teeth in specific – beautiful. Follow these tips, and your smile will stay beautiful for a very long time.


1. Proper Oral Hygiene

It is common knowledge that we all must clean our teeth by brushing them. But the essential question is how much should you brush? Is that all I need to do?

When it comes to cleaning your teeth, you should ideally brush them twice per day. One brushing when you wake up in the morning will clean all the nasty bacteria in your mouth that developed over night. Another brushing before you go to sleep will kill all the bacteria that accumulated throughout the day as a result of the food you ate.

Though brushing your teeth is a very important part of cleaning your teeth, that isn’t all you should do. You should also floss your teeth once daily. We recommend you floss before bed, as it will get all the food you accumulated through the day out from between your teeth.

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2. Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

It is obvious that certain drinks that are high in sugar can be dangerous for your teeth. This is true for a lot of things we consume, such as sodas and candies, but what else should we avoid?

Certain things are high in acidity content. Acidity on your teeth works to remove enamel and weaken/discolor your teeth. Soda is known to be very high in acidity, but so are some other drinks. Coffee is acidic and works to turn your teeth yellow while it also removes enamel from your teeth. Energy drinks are very high in both sugar and acidity content, and wreck havoc on your beautiful teeth.

I am not going to tell you to stop consuming these foods and drinks, as this is unrealistic, but I am going to advise you to limit your intake. You could also try alternatives to these things, such as sugar-free types.

3. Drink Water

Water is nature’s way of cleaning your teeth, as well as helping your body in a variety of other ways. After having a meal, I recommend drinking a glass of water as it washes away some food particles. Drinking water will also wash away left over sugars and acidity on your teeth if you cannot brush your teeth right away.

Water is NOT a replacement to brushing or flossing. Water however, is complementary to brushing and flossing and will aid the processes. Water also helps to prevent dry mouth, which is one of the leading causes of bad breath.

In Conclusion

Basically, you can make small choices throughout your day that will work wonders for your smile in the long-run. Brushing and flossing, making healthy choices when eating and drinking things, and drinking water after various activities, will help your teeth to stay beautiful.

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