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3D Printing in Dentistry

3D Printing is the process of printing a computer generated model by layering material in its pattern. 3D Printing is beginning to develop in many new ways, and is starting to become relevant in dentistry

3D Printing a Jaw

3D printing has opened up great opportunities for dentistry. A dentist in London named Andrew Dawood has successfully 3D printed a jaw. He used plastics, rubbers, and metals to print this jaw. Bone cannot be 3D printed yet, but it is possible to build a frame, and then use bone from other parts of the body in order to fill it. In order to create this jaw, the dentist would scan your skull, and print a frame based on your bone structure. This allows dentists to personalize implants to provide better comfort for patients who require implants, or replacements, as well as help them faster.

Hopefully in the future, 3D Printing can be used more commonly in dentistry, and develop better ways of use.

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