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8 Natural Toothpastes

Natural toothpaste is an alternative to most commercial toothpastes if you prefer to use a product without chemicals. Read on for a list of 8 good choices of natural toothpaste.

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What is in your Toothpaste?

Toothpaste is a staple in Dental Hygiene, but what is in that paste you rub on your teeth every morning? Read on to find out what the five main ingredients are of most toothpaste.

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Oral Hygiene Habits to Teach your Kids.

Habits start young. So why not teach your children proper oral hygiene so that these habits will stick their whole life. Read on for some habits that should be taught young so that they will stay for life.

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A Natural Alternative to Tooothbrushes

Toothbrushes weren’t always around, but many people still kept their teeth clean. Read on to see what many cultures used, and may still use as an alternative to toothbrushes.

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Device to Check for Gum Disease

The human mouth contains more than 1,000 types of bacteria. Some of these can be harmful to you by causing gum disease or other health problems. A new device has been designed to detect harmful bacteria so you can deal with it before it causes problems. Read on

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