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Choosing the Right Toothpaste


There are many different types of toothpaste readily available for use, but which one is the best for you? Read below for more information to help you make the right decision, and keep your teeth bright and healthy!

American Dental Association


Make sure to choose a product approved by the ADA

The American Dental Association is always testing dental products, and approving products which they deem to be quality, and do what they claim to do. Look for the ADA seal of approval on the package to know that the product is trustworthy.

Identify any special needs for your toothpaste

  • If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you may want to choose a desensitizing toothpaste.
  • If you want to reduce the buildup of tartar in your mouth, choose a toothpaste which contains pyrophosphates.
  • If you want to whiten your teeth, choose a toothpaste containing sodium hexametaphosphate, which will help to remove and prevent stains on your teeth.

What else to look for in a toothpaste

  • Flouride – Flouride helps to fight against Tooth Decay and Cavities, helping your teeth to stay healthy.
  • Make sure that the toothpaste you use is comfortable to use.
  • Pick a toothpaste with a Flavor you can enjoy!


Next time you go to the store follow these tips, and picking out your toothpaste should be easy as 1, 2, 3. Brush your teeth twice a day and come to the dentist for regular checkups, and you will have a shining clean and healthy smile!



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