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Foods that will Naturally Freshen your Breath

Having trouble with bad breath? Try these foods to combat the odors and freshen your mouth.water-glass



Water is a great natural breath freshener. It not only keeps you hydrated which improves your overall health, but flushes away bacteria which cause bad breath and thrive in a dry mouth. Water also rinses away food fragments stuck in your mouth.





Yogurt can also help to freshen your breath. Look for yogurts labeled to contain probiotic bacteria, or fortified with vitamin D. The good bacteria will help to balance out your mouth, and freshen your breath by overwhelming the bad bacteria. Probiotics are good for the rest of your body as well.





Milk also has been shown to freshen breath. This is due to its high water and fat content. Milk also is healthy for the rest of your body.


Green Tea

green tea


Green tea contains polyphenols which help freshen breath. It can also prevent tooth decay, fight mouth cancers, and help with weight-loss. Overall, Green tea is a great drink to enjoy.




Gum and Mints

Many people use gum, and mints in order to freshen their breath. The best gum or mint to use, however, is one that contains Xylitol. Xylitol may sound like achemical, but it is a naturally produced substance that does not support cavities. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that creates a slippery coating on the teeth, preventing bacteria from sticking.



Red Bell Pepper



Vitamin C rich foods, such as red bell pepper, and broccoli help to alleviate bad breath. Eating red bell peppers or broccoli raw can help to lower the populations of bad breath causing bacteria.




Raw apples are a great way to neutralize the odors from bad breath. Apples have been shown to eliminate bad breath caused by eating garlic. Raw lettuce also works for the same purpose.




Tea tree, thyme, oregano, clove, cinnamon, and cardamom. All of these are great herbs to chew on or eat to relieve fresh breath. The herbs should be fresh, as some oils are lost when they are dried. Parsley, mint, and basil are also useful to combat bad breath.




Use these foods to naturally freshen your breath, and to help your dental health, so that you can have a bright and healthy smile!

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