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Halloween Dental Precautions

The Truth About Halloween and Your Teeth

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids, but a *potentially* dangerous time for their teeth. The goal of this article is not to make Halloween less fun, but to make it safer. Yes, eating a ton of candy may be fun for children, but is sitting in a dentist office with cavities fun? No!

Teeth Cleaning

Candy is obviously a source of sugar which leads to dental problems, such as cavities. Everyone knows this. But, despite candy being so harmful, what can we do to allow kids to still eat it while protecting their pearly white teeth? The answer is with timing.

The more often your child eats candy throughout the day, the more likely problems are to occur. I advise limiting your child’s candy intake to a specific intake of time, preferably less than one hour per day. During this time you can allow your child to eat as much candy as you, the parent, sees fit. The only condition to this is your child must brush and floss their teeth soon after this candy intake to avoid problems. If you let this excess sugar sit on your child’s teeth all day long, it will have a more harsh impact on their teeth as opposed to limited exposure.

Truth About Halloween


Ever heard the saying that “anything is healthy in moderation?” I will let you interpret that as you wish to, but I will say that eating a limited amount of candy is always better than an “unlimited” amount of candy. The less candy your child consumes, the less problems they will have to face. The goal of this is not to take away all candy, but again, just limit intake.

Halloween Can Still Be Fun!

The purpose of this is not for me to make Halloween fun, or be frowned upon, but rather to make it safe for children. The excess candy intake that children intake as a result of Halloween can, and usually will, result in more dental problems. By setting rules as to when and how much candy your child can eat, and forcing them to brush after a “candy eating session”, you will guarantee a happy, healthy smile for your child!

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