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Oral Hygiene Habits to Teach your Kids.

Habits start young. So why not teach your children proper oral hygiene so that these habits will stick their whole life. Read on for some habits that should be taught young so that they will stay for life.


Flossing helps to clean out food particles and plaque that brushing misses. This helps prevent cavities and keep teeth healthy. Children should be taught to floss at as young as four years old.





toothbrushTime Spent Brushing

Children should not only be taught to brush twice a day, but also to brush the proper amount of time when they do. Children should brush for two minutes each time they brush. Brushing less than that won’t clean their teeth enough, and more could damage the teeth due to overbrushing. Overbrushing can cause abrasions in the teeth and sensitivity.




After brushing your teeth, rinsing is very important. Children should be taught to swish water or mouthwash around in their mouths three times, and then spit it out in order to ensure that no particles are still stuck. It is also good to rinse after each meal.




Replacing Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes should be replaced once every three months. This makes sure you are always using bristles that are not frayed, and will clean teeth properly. Children should also be taught to clean their toothbrush with mouthwash before and after each use.



Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking helps to pacify children in their early years. However, by the age of two, it may occur due to fear or anxiety. At this age, thumb sucking should not be allowed, as it not only causes germs to enter the body, but may also cause crooked or deformed teeth. This would only be able to be fixed by braces.


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