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Sensitive Teeth

My teeth are sensitive when I drink cold drinks and when I brush my teeth.

Tooth sensitivity when eating and drinking is a common complaint patients make. The sensitivity tends to occur as a result of damage to the tooth where the the outer protective layer (enamel) is removed or the root of the tooth is exposed. This is caused by overzealous brushing, decay, poor oral hygiene and gum disease.

There are several ways that you can reduce this at home. Gentle brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush to reduce enamel damage as well as root exposure of the tooth. Use toothpastes that are designed for “tooth sensitivity”. Eat foods that naturally contain “tooth sensitive protection” such as spinach, rhubarb and bananas. If the sensitivity persists you may wish to consult the dentist who can offer further aids to help reduce this annoying problem.



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