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Snacks for Healthier Teeth

Everybody loves to have a snack, but how do you know what snacks are good for your teeth? Read on for a list of  7 tooth-friendly snacks that will help to keep your teeth clean and healthy.



“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away,” but it can keep the dentist away as well. Apples are high in fiber and water. The fiber in apples helps to stimulate the gums, and chewing on an apple increases saliva flow which leads to healthier teeth.


Carrots or Celery

Carrots and celery are both very firm and crunchy foods which require a lot of chewing to break down. This chewing encourages saliva to flow more and in turn cleans your teeth more. They also contain a lot of water further increasing saliva flow. Carrots and Celery also have fibers that scrub your teeth similarly to a toothbrush when you chew on them. They do not promote bacteria, and are an easy to carry snack that is very healthy.



Cheese may seem like a weird snack for keeping your mouth clean, but it is actually very healthy. Cheese can help to lower the acidity in your mouth. Many foods are very acidic, and can wear down tooth enamel, but cheese can help to balance out the acidity, and keep enamel healthy. Cheese also strengthens enamel due to its contents of calcium, casein, and phosphorus.



Nuts are very dense, and require a lot of chewing and in turn, chewing them produces more saliva in your mouth. The friction from the hard surface of nuts also helps clear your teeth of food that is clinging to them. Raw nuts are the best to eat, and you should rinse with water after to make sure no fragments remain in your mouth.



Some herbs can also be very healthy for your teeth. Parsley and mint are both very good herbs to chew or eat that will help keep your teeth clean. Parsley contains a lot of chlorophyll, which neutralizes bad breath due to an enzyme reaction. It also contains many essential oils and antioxidants, further improving your health. However, parsley has a very potent chemical composition, which can affect you negatively if you eat too much. Chew a small amount of parsley to clean your mouth mid-meal.parsley

Licorice root is harder to get your hands on, but is also very healthy for your teeth. Licorice root can be used as an alternative to a toothbrush. First, you chew the end of the root into a mass of fibers, then brush your teeth with the fibers. This provides all of the physical requirements, but does not provide the fluoride or bacterial-killing parts of brushing.

licorice root


You can’t stay healthy without hydration. If you do not drink enough water, your body cannot produce enough saliva for your mouth. Drinking water regularly not only freshens your mouth, but also decreases the growth of bacteria. This keeps away bad breath, and water can rinse away food debris in your mouth.



Tea is both good and bad for your teeth. Tea can stain your teeth, and any sugar added will help bacteria grow, but green and black tea contain polyphenols, which suppress the growth of bacteria. The rinsing motion of drinking, and the polyphenols make tea very helpful after a meal.tea

Green tea is also anti-inflammatory and promotes gum health, as well as benefiting the rest of your body. White tea is also another great choice, as it contains some bio-available fluoride. Herbal teas should be avoided, as many are not true teas, and may contain dried fruit, which is a huge amount of sugar.

A small amount of milk can reduce the staining action of tea, but a creamer may add sugar. It is important to remember that staining on your teeth from tea may be visually unpleasant, but usually are not bad for your teeth, and may be taken care of with tooth whitening products, and procedures.


Enjoy these snacks and the added benefit to your dental health simply by eating them throughout your day!

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