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What Does Coffee Mean To Your Teeth?

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So, most of us drink coffee.

But what does coffee really do to us? There are many strong feelings towards coffee, some being positive feelings and others being negative. Let’s try to figure out the pros and cons of coffee.

The obvious one: staining teeth

Everyone knows that coffee tends to turn people’s teeth yellow, but is it really that much of an issue, even if we brush our teeth twice a day? Yes! Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, every day, coffee will still stain your pearly whites. How bad the damage is depends on a variety of other factors, but in general, you will see consequences regarding the color of your teeth if you continue drinking your coffee.

Bad Breath

Coffee is often associated with bad breath, and for good reason. It is scientifically proven that coffee does cause bad breath. First off, what causes bad breath? Well, when a person’s mouth becomes dried out, the bacteria-killing saliva is less (or no longer) present in your mouth. This means bacteria can grow like wild fire in your mouth. Bacteria are the number one cause of bad breath. To combat bad breath as a result of coffee (or anything) you can drink a glass of water or chew sugar-free gum to reduce the effect.

Coffee is Basically Acid

Coffee is a very acidic substance, and when in your mouth for extended periods of time, it can cause lots of damage. Enamel is very sensitive to acidic materials, so it is advised that you drink a glass of water after you finish your coffee. If you let the coffee sit on your teeth all day, you will be weakening your teeth, and no one wants that!

A (Non-Dental) Pro

Coffee is obviously consumed to give people more energy in the morning or throughout their day. This obviously does help keep people awake, but is it really worth all the damage it does to your mouth? There are many other healthy alternatives to give you energy that will do a lot less damage to your teeth.

In conclusion, there are many more bad side effects to coffee than good ones. It is advisable to not consume coffee. If this is impossible for you, we recommend limiting your intake, and rinsing your mouth with water upon finishing you coffee.

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