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What is in your Toothpaste?

Toothpaste is a staple in Dental Hygiene, but what is in that paste you rub on your teeth every morning? Read on to find out what the five main ingredients are of most toothpaste.


Calcium Carbonate


The purpose of abrasives in your toothpaste is to scrub your teeth without damaging the enamel. This is why abrasives in toothpaste are gentler, including calcium carbonate, dehydrated silica gels, and hydrated aluminum oxides.






Almost every toothpaste uses flavoring to make the paste easier to use so that people will be more inclined to its usage. Many people don’t brush for the proper amount of time, but flavoring encourages people to get closer to that time. Toothpastes use artificial sweeteners for their flavor, as sugars can cause the tooth decay they are trying to prevent.







Humectants are used to give the toothpaste its smooth gel like consistency. Sorbitol and Glycerol are both commonly used Humectants, and retain water in the paste for this texture.






Sodium lauryl sulfate


Detergents help the toothpaste to foam, and clean the teeth in the process. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the most common of these detergents.







Fluoride is a staple in most commercial toothpastes. It strengthens enamel, and helps prevent cavities. However, it can be removed from toothpaste without noticeably changing its characteristics. Many all-natural toothpastes do not contain fluoride.

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